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Adventure Hire Perth FAQs

A jet ski / PWC is a personal watercraft that a rider sits or stands on that uses an inboard jet pump for propulsion. The pump draws water from an intake in the bottom of the ski and shoots a high velocity stream of water from the back of the ski to propel it forward. You will often see both jet ski and personal watercraft wording used interchangeably in speech, documents and online. Much like people calling vacuum cleaners Hoovers, the term jet ski became popular and just stuck!


Yes. To hire and drive a jet ski you are legally required to hold a valid Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST).  If a non-skipper is driving they must be accompanied by a skipper on the vessel. The hirer/skipper is responsible for the vessel and passengers at all times. You also need to present a full valid driver's licence along with your RST on pick up day.


Yes jet skis are very easy to ride! We will provide you with a safety briefing and induction of how the jet ski operates before you set out on your adventure.


Yes, our jet skis vary in capacity from 2 to 3 riders depending on the model of jet ski you hire. The Sea-Doo GTI 90, GTI 130 and Sea-Doo FishPro can both carry 3 passengers and the Spark Trixx can carry 2. Take note of the weight limits on the personal watercraft to make sure you maximise your fun with you jet ski rental. All passengers are required to wear a life jacket/personal flotation device (PFD) which is provided for you.


Yes, we provide Type 1 PFDs equal to the seating capacity for the jet ski hired. Please note, no children or infant PFDs are provided.


Yes! Towing is available with the Sea-Doo GTI and Sea-Doo FishPro models and we have water ski equipment available like donuts, kneeboards and wakeboards. Let us know which towable you’d like in advance or ask what is available on pick up day.


The person hiring the jet ski must be over 18 years old. If a skipper is 16+ they can drive the jet ski themselves. If a non-skipper is driving they must be accompanied by a skipper on the vessel. The hirer/skipper is responsible for the vessel and passengers at all times.


Yes, a trailer is included in your hire. All of our jet skis come on a single trailer as standard. If you book two skis a double trailer is available on request.


You can take the jet ski anywhere within Western Australia! We will provide you with boating guides for the most popular areas in WA where you can tour around and ride with the skis. You must follow the Marine Guidelines and it's important to be familiar with the rules and regulations.


The rules around travelling to Rottnest depend on the size of the jet ski. Jet skis less than 3.75 metres in length are not allowed to travel greater than 5 nautical miles (9.2kms) from the mainland or 1 nautical mile (nm) from any island greater than 5 nm from the mainland. 1 nm = 1.852 kms (or the length of the Busselton jetty!) Rottnest is 12 nm away from Fremantle, or 22kms.

We stock the Sea-Doo FishPro Sport which does meet the requirements to jet ski to Rottnest, so as long as the weather is your friend you can travel offshore.

Our other Sea-Doo models range from 2.8 metres to 3.3 metres so unfortunately they are not permitted to travel to Rottnest or more than 5 nm from shore.


There are a few islands along the Perth coastline that are accessible on a jet ski. Garden Island is about 5 kms off the coast from Rockingham and has many beautiful spots. Garden Island is a working Naval base so check the regulations about where you are allowed to go!

You can tour over to Penguin Island which is easily accessible from Safety Bay. Another beautiful spot to take the jet ski rental is Carnac Island, which is easily accessible from Woodman Point where you can see sea lions (but be cautious of the tiger snakes!)

You can also get across to Rottnest Island with our Sea-Doo FishPro Sport (weather permitting). 

There are about 18 lakes across WA that jet skis are permitted to use. The two closest lakes are Lake Brockman and Lake Navarino which provide great open waters for riding and towing. Follow the link to our map that shows all of the boat ramps, lakes and marinas. Follow the link for the dams and lakes boating guides to get an understanding of the rules and regulations on each lake.


The water should be at least 1 metre deep before the jet ski is operated. The propulsion pump draws water from an intake in the bottom of the ski and will suck up everything directly beneath it. The quickest way to ruin your day or get a large repair bill is to operate the jet ski in shallow waters. If in doubt jump in the water and double check the depth.


The Sea-Doo Spark Trixx have a 30-litre fuel tank. The Sea-Doo GTI 90 and GTI 130 have a 60-litre fuel tank. The Sea-Doo FishPro has a 70-litre fuel tank.


The Sea-Doo Spark Trixx will use around 5-10 litres per hour depending on the speed and conditions, so will last around 3-6 hours. The Sea-Doo GTI 90, GTI 130 and the Sea-Doo FishPro can use around 7 to 20 litres per hour, so will last around 3-8 hours on one tank of fuel. It all depends how hard you go and the environmental conditions you're in.

All skis come with a full tank of 98 fuel to get you going. If you are planning a long cruise or taking her camping, take a jerry can or two.


The jet ski will come with a full tank of 98 Octane petrol & the petrol tank must be returned full, with a copy of your receipt. It is essential to ONLY use 98 Octane petrol to refill as these are high performance engines. Additional fees will apply if you do not return the jet ski with a full tank of 98 Octane petrol.


All our personal watercrafts have got two storage compartments. Think of them like a glove box and a boot. However, the storage space is relatively small on the Sea-Doo Spark Trixx and will not keep your items dry. Be warned! We recommend you bring a small dry bag if you take items you don't want to get wet. The Sea-Doo GTI 90, GTI 130 and Sea-Doo FishPro do have a much larger dry storage area for towels and picnics and so on.


Yes, Adventure Hire Perth's season operates all year round so we have personal watercrafts available to rent over Christmas and New Year's Eve. It is our busiest period so we advise booking early. 


As with any adventure, pack enough sun protection and drinking water for everyone. All of the required safety gear is provided with the jet ski and we’ll tell you how to use it in the induction. You are welcome to bring along your own camera to snap your experience!


You are required to wear neoprene shorts as a minimum. Regular bathing suits or board shorts are not recommended. An approved Type 1 PFD will be provided for adults.


Full payment for the hire term is taken at booking. A security bond of $1000 is payable at the time of pick up.


Come within the pick-up window but make sure you allow 30 minutes for the mandatory safety briefing and induction. All hirers MUST be present for the entire duration before jet ski is released for hire. A pre-hire inspection is done with the authorised hirer on pick up day and post-hire inspection is done on drop off day.


No. You can take our jet skis anywhere within WA, it is your responsibility to check the weather prior to booking and there are many great spots available to explore – view our cancellation policy for more information.


Yes. Notice of cancellation must be given in writing with a minimum of 7 days to receive a full refund of the hire payment. Please review our cancellation policy for further information available on our hire policy page

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