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Things To Do in Perth: Jet Ski Hire Perth Swan River

The Swan River is a great place to take your jet ski hire. The Swan River starts in Fremantle where it meets the ocean and travels all the way up past the city of Perth. PWCs (personal watercrafts) are free to use the river up to Windan Bridge just near Optus Stadium. On the Swan River you will find seven boat ramps for PWC use, making it easily accessible wherever you are. For a full list of boat ramps and maps please visit our boating guides and ramps page 

The closest boat ramp to Adventure Hire Perth is at Mill Point Road. This is a popular spot as it has instant access to the only freestyling area in the Swan River. Freestyling is driving in a way that another vessel would be unable to predict your next move, for example turning quickly, 360s and 180s, and doing jumps.

This is not the only reason to ride a jet ski on the Swan River, as you can also take yourself on a tour of the riverbank and find secluded picnic spots.

On your private jet ski tour of the Swan River you will have an amazing view of Perth from a completely different perspective than you get from land. You can travel past the city to the Crown Towers and Optus Stadium, stop for lunch in East Perth, view the beautiful houses in Dalkeith and Peppermint Grove or even cruise all the way down to Fremantle and out into the ocean.

The Swan River has multiple spots that are protected from the wind so regardless of the time of day you will find areas of calm water to ride on. One of the most popular spots is at Point Walter which has its own boat ramp and is protected from the south westerlies in the summer afternoons.

You can tow a donut or skier in the three water ski areas near Point Walter and Freshwater Bay. Other ski spots are Waylen Bay and Deepwater Point which also have boat ramps. If you hire a Sea-Doo GTI these areas are perfect for towing biscuits/donuts, wakeboards, kneeboards and water skis.
For more information visit Things to do in Perth: Water Ski

Adventure Hire Perth will provide you with the local boating guides and knowledge of the river as well as all the safety equipment needed, creating the ideal day out.

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