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Recreational Skipper's Tickets

The What’s, When’s and How’s to getting your Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST)

What is a Skipper’s Ticket?
The RST is essentially a boating licence that shows you have the knowledge and skills you need to be able to operate powered water vessels. It is a nationally recognised certificate and people aged 14+ can get it. You must have it on you when you are operating a vessel.

When do I need a Skipper’s Ticket?
You need an RST when operating vessels with an engine above 6HP. The good news is, you only need to get it once and it’s valid for life (assuming nothing crops up that can impact your ability to safely operate a vessel). A passenger doesn’t need an RST.

How do I get a Skipper’s Ticket?
There are plenty of boating schools in your area that will be able to give you the tools you need to get your RST. There is training material, videos and practice quizzes available to help you prepare. The RST is a short theory test followed by a practical test on the boat school’s boat (or you could even take your own!). There is a small fee and it takes about 2 hours to complete both theory and practical tests.

Note: International and interstate boating licences may also be recognised as equivalent to the RST. Commercial licences are also recognised.

We have partnered with a local boat school to get you licenced and on the water. Contact us to find out more!
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Skippers Ticket

Is your skippers ticket lost?

If you have your skippers ticket but have misplaced it we have solutions. 
Call the recreational skippers phone line on 131156 


Ask for a Client Report and send your full Name, Date Of Birth and Drivers licence number. 

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