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Things To Do in Perth: Jet Ski Fishing

Perth is home to prolific waters and gorgeous weather all year-round. It's the perfect place to fish, swim, or simply be outside and enjoy the scenery.

If you're looking for fun things to do in Perth, riding a jet ski may not be something you’ve thought of doing before, but trust us it’s a winner and may just become your new hobby. How about taking it to the next level and fishing from a jet ski?

Here we will go over the best places to fish on a jet ski in Perth so you can prepare for your next adventure


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You will need a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence (RFBL) to be allowed to fish from a powered boat, including PWCs. Check the WA fishing guide for licensing rules and regulations before you head out. A list of required licenses can be found on the website.


A Sea-Doo FishPro is your trusty steed when it comes to going out fishing. The FishPro is kitted out with a built in cooler box, Garmin fish finder and GPS, rod holders and trolling modes (and even a cupholder!), with greater stability for sitting or standing when reeling in the big ones.

The Sea-Doo models are a FishPro Scout, the FishPro Sport or the FishPro Trophy. There are also Yamaha FX series and Kawasaki Ultra models that can be kitted out with all the gear if you have the idea.

The Sea-Doo GTI is also a popular jet ski our customers use for fishing trips.


There are many places to go fishing on a jet ski in Perth, some of our highlights are Rottnest (On a Sea-Doo FishPro), Hillarys, Marmion Marine Park, Cottesloe Groyne, Swan River, Point Walter, Mandurah, Rockingham, Carnac Island, Garden Island and Penguin Island.



Rottnest Island 

At Adventure Hire Perth we get asked a lot about jet skiing to Rottnest. The current rules are vessels less than 3.75 metres in length are not allowed to travel greater than 5 nautical miles (9.2kms) from the mainland. Rottnest is 12 nm away from Fremantle, or 22kms.

The Sea-Doo models we stock range from 2.8 metres to 3.3 metres so unfortunately they are not permitted to travel to Rottnest (or more than 5 nm from shore). However, we will soon stock the Sea-Doo FishPro which meets the size requirements which means soon you will be able to hire a jet ski and travel to Rottnest. It is also possible that rules and regulations may change in the future to allow smaller jet skis to visit Rottnest.

If your jet ski is allowed to go to Rottnest Island, you can ride there approximately 30 minutes from Fremantle or Hillarys Boat Harbour. Remember to log on with Sea Rescue when you depart and update them if your return time changes.

Due to how the island is formed, the waterways around Rottnest Island stay relatively calm. However, if you decide to ride out there, it's recommended to check the weather conditions ensuring the wind and swell are not too powerful. Read our article here to learn more about winds and swells.

Rottnest is a great location for fishing in Perth and there is also a wide variety of fauna and flora on the island which is stunning and unique to this largely untouched island. You are highly likely to see and pat a Quokka, which is the only mammal on the island.

Back to fishing, there is an abundance of marine wildlife at Rottnest Island, making it a popular recreational fishing spot. The main fish are Cobbler and Long-headed Flathead, Australian Herring, Tailor, School Whiting, Skipjack Trevally ("Skippy") and Sea Garfish.

If you're interested in fishing for squid or herring, head down to the main jetty by the ferry docks. Night time is perfect for fishing for squid because they're attracted to the bright lights by the jetty. 

For those who like fishing nearer the shore, there are countless beaches, headlands, and rock platforms for you to choose from. One of the pros of fishing at Rottnest Island is that most of the shoreline is sheltered from the wind.

Hillarys Boat Harbour / Marmion Marine Park


Hillarys is the closest boat ramp leading to the ocean from Adventure Hire Perth. The break walls at Hillarys are perfect to fish for herring, garfish, small tailor and tarwhine as well as bream and whiting.

A short journey out into the ocean will find you within Marmion Marine Park. This area is full of reefs and has many spots to anchor up and land western rock lobster, abalone, dhufish, pink snapper, tailor, whiting, mulloway and Australian herring.

Some of the best spots to anchor up and go fishing are:

  • Horseshoe Reef
  • Marmion Reef
  • Wreck Rock and Whitford Rock
  • Three Mile Reef
  • Burns Rock

    There are also 4 sanctuary zones which are ‘look but don’t take’ areas and provide the highest level of protection for marine habitat and wildlife.

    Waterman Recreation Area

    • Boyinaboat Reef
    • Little Island
    • The Lumps
    • Waterman Recreation Area

      Read here for a more detailed Guide to Marmion Marine Park

      Cottesloe Groyne

      The Cottesloe reef system stretches for about 4.4km from cable station to North Street and 800 metres out to the ocean. The best time to go fishing is usually in the morning before the sea breeze comes in the afternoon.

      A collection of finfish can be found in the area including herring, tailor, skipjack whiting, morwong and tarwhine. The reef is also a breeding ground for squid, Port Jackson sharks and stingrays.

      Subject to Department of Fisheries’ regulations the taking of rock lobster in Cottesloe Reef season is permitted. Taking of abalone in the area is prohibited.

      Swan River Narrows Bridge


      The Narrows Bridge in South Perth is one of the most popular spots to take one of our jet ski hires as it has instant access with a PWC-only boat ramp straight into the freestyling area in the Swan River. It is also a good spot to fish and catch crabs when in season.

      Mulloway, cobbler and tailor can be caught on the Elizabeth Quay side of the Narrows Bridge. Just east of the bridge is great for fishing for cobbler and black bream can be found in winter near the pylons.

      Point Walter

      Point Walter is another popular spots to jet ski in Perth due to the easy access and protection from the afternoon south westerlies. It’s also great for families with plenty of beach space, BBQs, grassy areas and a playground. If you want to do a spot of fishing you will be able to fish for tailor, cobbler, black bream, mulloway, flathead, flounder, prawns and crabs.


      Mandurah is less than an hour from Adventure Hire Perth and presents many great spots to go jet ski fishing. There you'll find an estuary that's double the size of the Sydney Harbour. Mandurah was originally known as "Mandjoogoordap," which means "meeting place of the heart." The sheltered areas of the estuary make Mandurah a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for jet skiers of all skill levels. 

      The Peel-Harvey Estuary is home to great fishing spots and abundant wildlife. The fishing spots range from beach spinning to offshore bottom bashing. Here you can fish for herring, sand whiting, bream, cobbler, tailor or garfish. Just be cautious of the size and release back anything that does not meet the size requirements. The estuary is also a great spot for crabbing in the summer months, the best spots are at Mandjar Bay, Sticks Channel, and the Mandurah Estuary Bridge.

      Head to Mandurah canals for black bream fishing. Mandurah is also home to the annual ABT Black Bream Tournament. While you can target black bream throughout the year, they move through the river systems and canals depending upon the weather and spawning habits. 

      In the warmer months, the black bream will move up into the creeks. In the winter, the rains push them back downstream. 

      Some popular beaches to go jet ski fishing in Mandurah include:
      • Golden Bay
      • Secret Harbour
      • Long Point
      • Halls Head
      • San Remo
      • Dawesville Cut 


      Head over to Rockingham to experience the areas gorgeous waterways. Rockingham is best known for its flawless beaches, calm waters, and abundance of marine wildlife. It's one of the best places to jet ski and fish, with shelter from a range of wind and swell conditions.

      The beaches in the Rockingham area are protected from big swells from a few small islands, Garden Island, and outer reefs. Cockburn Sound is the primary area that's well-protected from the rough seawater. 

      You can access most of the popular fishing locations in Rockingham by jet ski easily. Some of the most common types of fish you'll find in the area include:
      • Mulloway
      • Pink snapper
      • Flathead
      • Herring
      • Silver trevally
      • Yellowtail kingfish 
      • Australian salmon 

      If you're fishing pink snapper, the best place to hook them is along one of the many rock walls or jetties. Pink snapper prefer the stormy and rainy weather typically found during winter, and they typically spawn during this time. Snapper also come close to the shore so they can easily feed off of baitfish and crabs.

      Many of the beaches in Rockingham are great places to fish for tailor and whiting all year long. There are two main jetties in the town where anglers head.

      You can also head out into the open water for offshore fishing spots. There are numerous drop-offs, artificial reefs, and wrecks that are located a short distance away from the coast, which are great spots to spend the afternoon jet ski fishing. 

      Garden Island


      Home to an Australian naval base, Garden Island is also used for recreational fishing, snorkeling, and relaxing with a public BBQ area on the northeast side. It's slightly smaller than Rottnest Island and is also home to calm waters. 

      The island is located off the coast of the Rockingham Foreshore. The only way for people to get to the island is by jet ski, kayak or boat. If you work on the island, then you'll have clearance to drive there.

      You can fish for some of the following marine life at Garden Island:
      • Salmon
      • Tuna
      • Herring
      • Squid
      • Skippy
      • Snapper
      • Mackeral 
      • Dhu-fish

      Carnac Island

      North of Garden Island you will find Carnac Island which is also easily accessible if launching from Woodman Point. Here you can see sea lions and dolphins (but be cautious of the tiger snakes!).

      Close to the island on the eastern side you can fish for herring, tailor and whiting, on the western side for pink snapper, samson fish and trevally. Further west are deeper reefs which fish well for pink snapper and dhufish.

      Between Carnac Island and Woodman Point is Parmelia Bank which is great for King George whiting, pink snapper and mulloway.


      Penguin Island 


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      Penguin Island is just off the coast at Shoalwater and boasts crystal blue waters and sandy beaches. In addition to viewing wild dolphins and sea lions, you'll get to witness some of the world's tiniest penguins. The back beach at Penguin Island is the best spot for fishing. If you head over to the reef, you can try fishing for:
      • Yellowtail Kingfish
      • Pink Snapper
      • Samson 
      • Tailor

      When you're done fishing for the day, you can head to the island for lunch at the local cafe or do some hiking. You can also book some of the island's wildlife tours so you can get up close and personal with the penguins, dolphins, and sea lions. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day fishing AND feeding penguins?

      Waroona Dam, Lake Brockman and more

      There are 18 lakes that you can jet ski on in WA and are very popular with our hires. You can view the full list on our boating guides and ramps page. The two most popular lakes due to their proximity to Perth are Lake Navarino (aka Waroona Dam) and Lake Brockman (aka Logue Brook Dam). Both the lakes are perfect for their open flat waters and camping spots. Fishing is also permitted here, where you can fish for trout and redfin.

      Explore the Many Things to Do in Perth

      If you want to explore the many fishing locations Perth has to offer, the best way to do that is to hire a jet ski and try out these spots. Refer to our local boating guides and maps for all of the regulations and boat ramps and read about the Sea-Doo FishPro which is coming soon.

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