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Things to do in Perth: Jet Ski in Autumn

To jet ski or not to jet ski in Autumn?

Lets take a look at the conditions that affect getting on the water.

Perth Wind - Autumn

One of the main considerations when planning a trip on your Sea-Doo jet ski is the wind conditions. Most people are looking for flat “glass” like water conditions. These conditions are achieved with an offshore wind. An offshore wind in Perth is easterly while onshore winds are westerly which create choppy conditions.

The wind is most often from the east for about 3-4 months from the end of February to the start of June. Which makes Autumn the best time to be on the water for anyone seeking flat conditions.

As well as the wind direction, Autumn has historically the lowest wind speeds, hitting a low for the year at 18.4kmh in early May.


Perth Temperature - Autumn

In our opinion jet skiing is great all year round regardless of the temperature. In the winter it is easy enough to put on a wetsuit to give the extra layer of comfort. The summer is fantastic but you need to be careful not to get burnt or over heat.

Autumn however creates the perfect in between, with the average temperatures in the low 20s, which is more than comfortable to be in shorts and a T-Shirt without getting cold or overheating. Once again this creates ideal conditions for being on the water.


Perth Water Temperature - Autumn

The water temperatures in Perth do not align with the hottest days in Perth and peak at 22c in mid January and remain at these elevated temperatures until late May. Meaning the end of summer and autumn are the warmest ocean temperatures.

Pairing this with the contrast to the external climate, the waters will “feel” warmest in Autumn when the average external temperature is in the low 20s, which therefore has little to no shock when entering the water in comparison to the Summer.

Another win for Autumn!

There is also better opportunity for water ski activities like wakeboarding and kneeboarding, because fewer people and boats are at the lakeside campsites or river water tow zones, so you will find more space and freedom to enjoy yourselves.


Perth Rain - Autumn

What about rain in Autumn? Well it is going to rain a bit more… just a bit. Perth can experience months during the summer with no rain, and peaks at 42% average chance of rain in July.

Autumn begins with around a 5% chance of rain and moves up to around a 25% chance of rain by the end of May. So it might look grey out there but you’re not really going to get rained on. By being on a jet ski you’re likely to get wet anyway!


Perth Fishing - Autumn

This water temperature also brings large amounts of Spanish Mackerel to our coastline for fishing. The avid fishers look forward to the Salmon (Kahawai) run which peaks around Easter off the Perth coast, Samson (Sambo) are also plentiful and the Blue Manna crabs are abundant in estuaries and bays across the coast.


Autumn is actually awesome for jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, island tours and more! Perth’s Autumn water conditions are perfect with warm and flat conditions. Adventure Hire Perth customers love taking advantage of these conditions, so head out there and create your own Perth adventure.

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