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Why We Choose Sea-Doo

We believe that Sea-Doo’s attention to detail and desire to be ‘one with the water’ is why BRP Sea-Doo are the industry leaders with obvious passion for the sport. Their level of research into rider style analysis, technology advances, and maximizing performance and comfort without making their jet skis heavier or bulkier to the rider, all add up to produce a fantastic product and lifestyle.

The Sea-Doo brand is owned by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.) which are a Canadian company who produce all sorts of recreational vehicles. Bombardier Inc. was founded in 1942 and the manufacturing arm of BRP was established in 2003.

Fun Fact! BRP has partnered with Surf Life Saving Australia for more than 10 years! Read more about that below.

Some of the awesome products BRP make include:

  • Sea-Doo (PWC)
  • Can-Am (ATV and three-wheeled vehicles)
  • Ski-Doo and Lynx (snow mobiles)
  • Evinrude Outboard Motors and Rotax (engines)
  • Manitou (pontoons)
  • Alumacraft (boats)

BRP and Sea-Doo have a rich history of innovation, high quality production, award winning designs and strong global reputation.

The first Sea-Doo was built in 1968 – that’s more than 50 years old! With that kind of history and experience, Adventure Hire Perth think that it’s a very solid option to supply to our customers.


Sea-Doo personal watercrafts include:

  • The fun and affordable Spark – 60 HP
  • The edgy Trixx model – 90 HP, light and easy to tow behind any car
  • Family friendly GTI models – 90 HP and 130 HP
  • The FishPro Sport – 170 HP with an ST3 Hull (ST3 stands for Strong Stable T-Shape, which is great for slicing through choppy conditions)

Except for the Spark, the jet skis above are stocked by Adventure Hire Perth!

Other models in Sea-Doos range include:

  • GTX – 170 HP with an ST3 fiberglass hull (same as the Fishpro)
  • GTX – 230 HP Supercharged (starting at $30G’s for the 2022 model!)
  • GTR – Termed a ‘musclecraft’ this is 230 HP supercharged. It has a Polytec hull (same as the GTI)
  • WakePro – 230 HP and Supercharged– perfectly designed for towing water skis, wakeboards, knee boards, water skates or foils
  • FishPro Scout – 130HP with a GTI hull, it is shorter in length than the other FishPro models
  • FishPro Trophy – 170 HP ST3 hull with the all the extras for the avid fishing types
  • RXP – X – These are the heavy-hitters. Supercharged with 300 HP and a T3-R hull (stands for Tight Turning T-Shape)
  • RXT – X – Also Supercharged with 300 HP, with a ST3 hull

Supercharged skis are not for the feint-hearted! For example, on the 300HP you can get up to 2.5 G force on a turn, which can be cheek-clenching adrenaline pumping fun – just make sure you’re an experienced skipper for that kind of action.

RXP – X vs. RXT – X

The main difference between the RXP and RXT is the hull, which effects how the jet ski handles in different water conditions. If you want stability look at the RXT, but if you want a racing machine go the RXP with more precise handling for tighter turns.

Sea-Doo has likened the RXT – X to a Ferrari or Porsche and the RXP – X to a superbike – the speed is the same but the experience is different.

Fastest in the Industry:

The fastest model is the Sea-Doo RXP – X and RXT – X with top speeds of around 120kms and the acceleration is next level, with the RXT – X going 0-60 miles (~100kms) in 3.6 seconds. It is the quickest in the industry and probably accelerates faster than your car!


Photo credit WASeadoo

Engines and Emissions:

Sea-Doo PWCs feature some of the cleanest engines on the water – Adventure Hire Perth strive to be carbon neutral, offsetting our emissions, so this is an important factor for us in our decision to stock Sea-Doos as well.

Rotax ACE engines

ACE stands for Advanced Combustion Efficiency technology. This technology balances performance with fuel efficiency. The lowest HP Sea-Doo (60 HP Spark) uses only 7L per hour and 90 HP uses about 9L per hour. Once you hit into supercharged territory, fuel consumption does also tend to rocket! However Rotax engines are as compact and lightweight as you can get on the market.

In terms of engine noise, Sea-Doo’s D-SEA-BEL™ System makes it much quieter than other models and is constantly being improved. Resonators and vibration-absorbing components come together to make Sea-Doo personal watercrafts as quiet as possible. BRP are also investing in electric models due for release in 2026.

Fun Fact! Rotax produced it’s 10 millionth engine in 2021.

Sea-Doo have strong representation in Perth with three major BRP dealers and servicing centres to provide genuine OEM parts.


Closed Loop Cooling System:

Sea-Doo uses a closed loop cooling system which is an exclusive design, as Kawasaki and Yamaha use open loop. There are debates on which is better, and both have their merits and flaws, but we think the closed loop is an overall better design with a good reputation for reliability and longevity.

Sea-Doo’s closed loop system uses coolant and a ride plate as a heat exchanger to keep the engine at a stable temperature. The open loop system uses whatever water the ski is in at the time to cycle through the engine to cool it. The closed loop system has the benefit of not sucking up contaminants and debris into the engine and salt building up inside over time corroding the mechanics.

The main flaw with the closed loop system is that it can have higher maintenance costs, but with fewer trips to the mechanics than open loop systems anyway, this actually balances out. Plus, as a customer hiring a well maintained ski from Adventure Hire Perth, you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all!


  • IBR – Intelligent Brake and Reverse. Helps stop your PWC up to 48 metres sooner than other craft without a brake.
  • IDF – Intelligent Debris Free pumping system. Push a button to eject any debris from the intake.
  • Intelligent Throttle Control – iTC has eco mode, sport mode, launch mode, slow mode, speed regulator mode and trolling mode!
  • VTS – Variable Trim System to trim the nose up or down, to navigate waves more easily and pull tricks on the Trixx.

Extras and Accessories:

Tailor your ski to personalise your experience. You can modify your ski to suit your comfort levels with changeable seats, handlebars, heated hand grips, colour choices, storage compartments, kneepads, docking systems, covers. You name it, they can do it for you.

  • Built in Bluetooth speakers are optional extras
  • Bluetooth speakers for the Trixx clip on and off. Pump tunes on and off the water!
    • We have these speakers available for free with your Trixx hire
  • Search and Rescue – life saving devices and accessories for Surf Life Saving Australia and US Coast Guards to fit to their BRP products
  • LinQ products that pop on and off for easy manoeuvrability
  • Cargo carrying boxes and bags
  • LinQ fuel caddy – a jerry can for extra fuel on long tours
  • LinQ Cooler box / esky for fish, bait, picnics etc.
  • Watersport accessories like the tow pro, ski pylon and wakeboard rack to store your board


Photo credit wa-fishpro

BRP Benefits:

  • Brand reputation and recognition
  • Exceptional global customer service
  • Quality production and parts
  • Two Year Warranty on Sea-Doo PWCs
  • Long history of perfecting manufacture and design
  • Constant product innovation

Surf Life Saving Australia Partnership:

BRP have been partnered with Surf Life Saving Australia for more than 10 years and are their official powercraft supplier. They supply Sea-Doo PWCs, Can-Am ATVs and SSVs and Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines. This partnership proves that Sea-Doo products are safe, reliable and are able to handle itself in some tough situations along Australia’s coast.

Award Winning:

BRP and Sea-Doo have won multiple Good Design Awards, which is the world's oldest design award contest celebrating product excellence, endurance and strong public identity. Good Design Australia, Good Design Japan and Good Design US have all recognised Sea-Doo products.

They have also won heaps of National Marine Manufacturers Association Innovation Awards and multiple Red Dot Design Awards for the Spark, FishPro, GTX and RXT-X over the years, to name just a few.

  • The Sea-Doo Fish Pro 170 was awarded the 2022 Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show
  • The RXP – X won WaterCraft of the Year 2021 by WaterCraft Journal
  • The GTI won WaterCraft of the Year 2020 by WaterCraft Journal
  • The Sea-Doo Switch won the Innovation Award at the Minneapolis Boat Show 2022
  • Rotax won the Sustainability and Tourism R+D award in Austria

So that’s why!

Living the Sea-Doo life means getting outside, making waves, enjoying life and the thrill of adventure. They stock recreation, touring, performance, tow sport and sport fishing models, options for riders of all levels, beginners, experienced riders and everyone in between – individuals, couples, families, adrenaline junkies, anglers, skiers and even search and rescue teams… everyone can enjoy the Sea-Doo Life.

BRP and Sea-Doo prove that they are enthusiasts who combine emotion with science, and that is the best reason of all.



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