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Why you should hire a jet ski before you buy

If you are thinking about buying a jet ski in Perth, it can be a good idea to hire one first. Jet ski hire is much cheaper than buying a jet ski upfront and affords you the opportunity to discover how jet skiing fits into your life.

The cost of hiring a jet ski in Perth can range from as little as $400 per day with a range of Sea-Doo models to choose from. This can give you an opportunity to try a number of different jet skis and find what suits you best. Hiring one also means the cost will be a fraction of what it would take to buy one outright, depending on how often you plan to ride.

Some people find renting a jet ski is a more viable option if it is not something they do on a weekly basis. Jet ski hire also allows you to have all the fun without the responsibility and expense of maintenance and storage. It’s worthwhile considering what is going to be the most viable option for you.

Jet ski rental companies are obligated to regularly maintain and service their skis for safety and longevity, so you have the assurance it will be in good working condition.

For those who are unsure of which jet ski they want, hiring one can help you make your decision about which one to purchase. Jet skis are not just for adrenaline junkies – they can be great for cruising around on a sunny day with friends and family, towing or exploring waterways like the Mandurah canals, Swan River or Hillarys and Rockingham coastlines. They are also increasingly popular with families to take away on holidays, like to Dunsborough or Lake Brockman.

Adventure Hire Perth only stock Sea-Doo jet skis so you can be assured of quality and safety.
Adventure Hire Perth fleet contains multiple Sea-Doo Trixx which are a great allrounder and perfect for playing about in the waves, the Sea-Doo GTI which is more stable in the water, faster and great for towing and the Sea-Doo FishPro Sport  which is the ultimate jet ski for fishing and can legally travel to Rottnest.

When hiring a jet ski be careful of back yard operators who do not have the correct certification. When hiring a jet ski it is important to check the hire company has a valid Certificate of Operation awarded by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. If you ask the company, they will be able to present this certificate. Or an easy way to tell the company has a commercial fleet is by checking the registration number – commercial vessels have a 6-digit number while recreational vessels only have 5.

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